Mitusharu Misawa x SPLX

Mitsuharu Misawa without question is one of the greatest wrestlers to have ever lived. Misawa began his career by entering the All Japan Pro-Wrestling (AJPW) training camp in March 1981. Later that same year he would go on to make his official in-ring debut against Shiro Koshinaka in September of the same year.
In 1984 till the end of the decade and into 1990, the Emerald Flowsion master would perform under the Tiger Mask persona. Having stellar after stellar bouts against The Dynamite Kid, these matches are still held with the highest regard over 30 years later.

Early 1990s, Mitsuharu would begin to solidify his legacy after a rivalry against Puroresu royalty, Jumbo Tsuruta before going on to claim his first Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship for AJPW. He would defeat Stan Hansen to become champion for the first in a part of the AJPW Summer Action Series II Tour in Tokyo, Japan. His first reign lasted 705 days, this is still the longest reign in Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship history.

Misawa would go on to become a 5-Time Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion after many classic matches against likes of Toshiaki Kawada, Vader, Jun Akiyama, Stan Hansen, Kenta Kobashi and many more. His time in AJPW would come to a close in 2000, as he founded a new company, Pro-Wrestling NOAH.
In late summer of 2000, the new promotion being led by Misawa would hold its debut events. In March, the promotion began a tournament to crown the first GHC Heavyweight Champion. The following month, Mitsuharu Misawa beat Yoshihiro Takayama in 21:12 to become the inaugural champion. The pioneer of the Rolling Elbow would go on to become GHC Heavyweight a total of three times.

The emperor of the elbow, would continue to thrive in Pro-Wrestling NOAH with having many key and unforgettable contests, most notably against Kenta Kobashi on March 1st in front of a sold out Budokan Hall.

In 2009, the wrestling world lost one of its absolute best athletes due to an accident in a match. The legacy for Misawa still lives strong with many of today's top wrestlers citing him as their main influence in being a competitor. He also leave behind a legacy that can't be matched, and will unlikely ever be.
This collaboration is the first ever official Mitusharu Misawa merchandise made outside of Japan. We are truly honoured by being the first company to release this and do not take this lightly. We would like to thank the Misawa family for their belief and willingness.

We are honoured and proud to present to you this very special collaboration with the master of the Emerald Flowsion, Mitsuharu Misawa.